Ian Farbon garden designer Cambridge

About us

Based in and around Cambridgeshire, landscape:evolution is a dynamic company dedicated to garden designs that match our love of design with our clients’ specific requirements. We know that quality garden design isn’t enough, which is why we ensure our designs are built to sit comfortably in the real world too (your garden!) – not just on the page.

Making this transition can be the trickiest part of garden design. It’s here that we

“Our clients know that we can take an idea or brief, work within the constraints of site, style, location and budget and produce stunning results every time. That’s why we’re making such a name for ourself.
We can design all types of gardens and exterior spaces – large, small, traditional, and contemporary.

Most importantly, we give our clients exactly what they want – bespoke garden designs that will give lasting pleasure.

We look, we listen, we create.”
Ian Farbon – Garden Designer