Grand Designs Live 2014

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In another departure from the norm we visited the Grand Designs Live this week. These days Cambridge to Birmingham NEC is not far and it is a good opportunity to see what is afoot in the ‘built environment’.  There is a garden section too so it is useful for the outside space (although that said, there seemed to be a wealth of ‘gift’ style stands there as well).

stargazelights - projects 'stars' across your garden

stargazelights – projects ‘stars’ across your garden





One thing that did catch my eye was the stargaze light ( I have specified quite a few different types of lights and I think you need to be careful ‘how’ you use them but they would certainly be a talking point!

As garden designers we are generally last in the queue when it comes to a building project and even if we are on the list the building will often soak up the budget set aside for landscaping during the later stages when the ‘must have’ bath (try – I daren’t ask the price on their Grand Designs stand) or the unforeseen expenses creep in.



There was much at the show to tempt the unwary and wearing my property hat we were also keen to visit the Scandia Hus stand ( as firstly they had kindly sent me tickets for the event and also we wanted to look at their ‘Millstone’ design. We are looking into building one and what’s interesting is that they will modify the design slightly to fit in with our specifications at no extra charge. I’m hooked!

The Millstone from Scandia-Hus

The Millstone from Scandia-Hus

I will be setting aside a budget for my own garden and will hopefully not eat into it during the build. My advice to new build clients (at the very least) is to have the Masterplan (the design) for the garden in place so that the main planting (hedges, trees, etc) can be planted at the beginning – in the correct locations. Then, as funds become available the full garden design can be implemented, making best use of time and the client’s money.